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Melt-blown non-woven fabric Runju Xiang!
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Professional melt-blown non-woven fabric selection Runju Xiang!

melt-blown non-woven fabric is mainly used to filter dust, microorganisms, haze and other micron particles, by polypropylene microfibers randomly distributed stick together, the appearance is white, flat, soft, material fiber fineness of 0.5-1.0 micron, the random distribution of fibers provides more opportunities for thermal bonding between the fibers, so that melt-blown gas filter materials have a larger specific surface area, Higher porosity (≥75%). After high voltage electret electrostatic treatment, it has the characteristics of low resistance, high efficiency and high dust tolerance.

melt-blown non-woven fabric alias: melt-blown cloth, mask cloth, PP non-woven fabric

melt-blown non-woven fabric is a kind of nonwoven fabric with static electricity. Melt-blowing is a conventional manufacturing method for micron and nanofibers, in which a polypropylene polymer solution is extruded by a high-speed small nozzle into a 0.5-1.0 micron diameter of ultra-fine polypropylene short fibers, which are interwoven with each other in an irregular manner.

Runjuxiang (Yantai) Nonwovens Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and development of: spunbonded nonwovensmelt-blown nonwovens, biodegradable nonwovens, providing innovative and effective nonwovens solutions.

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