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PLA biodegradable non-woven fabric!
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What are the characteristics of PLA biodegradable non-woven fabric?

1, PLA biodegradable non-woven fabric has degradable characteristics, so it greatly reduces the impact on the environment; It can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water, reducing carbon emissions;

2, PLA biodegradable non-woven fabric material soft and uniformity is very good, so it is used in the medical industry, decoration industry, machinery industry;

3, the air permeability is very good, so it is used for making plasters and masks;

4, water absorption is very good, so it is used in diapers, urine pads, sanitary wipes, daily chemical products.

5, has a certain antibacterial effect, because it is weakly acidic, can balance the human environment to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, so it is often used to make disposable underwear, disposable hotel linens.

6, has a certain flame retardant performance, PLA biodegradable non-woven fabric is better than polyester or polypropylene film.

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